Objectives and Goals


MAN Insan Intellectuals of East Aceh aims to:

1. Forming graduates with Islamic character, Indonesian culture, humanitarian and national insight, environmental insight, and capable of making changes based on Islamic principles rahmatan lil'alamin.

2. Produce graduates who master the basics of Islamic knowledge, science, technology, social sciences and arts and culture to achieve achievements at national and international levels.

3. Forming graduates who have critical thinking skills, communication skills, collaboration, high creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit to face global competition.

4. Increasing the competence and professionalism of teachers and education personnel through continuous professional development.

5. Improving quality in maintaining a balance between the quality of science and technology and economics through strengthening sustainable academic and residential programs.

6. Build a management system that is professional, tough and measurable so that you are able to empower yourself and take advantage of existing opportunities in developing programs optimally.

7. Making MAN Human Scholars a center for developing superior madrasas and developing human resources in the field of education in Indonesia.


MAN's target for East Aceh Scholars is:

1. The creation of a religious life in the madrasa environment characterized by the behavior of diligent worship, diligent study, sincerity, independence, simplicity, ukhuwah, and freedom of creativity.

2. Obtain optimal academic and non-academic achievements by MAN Scholar students.

3. Formation of students who have the ability to communicate actively using international languages.

4. More than 90% of MAN Scholar graduates are accepted into quality universities both domestically and abroad every year.

5. Obtaining good academic achievements for MAN Scholar alumni during their studies at university.

6. Creation of MAN Intellectual Personnel who are child-friendly and environmentally friendly.

7. Creation of MAN Scholars who have a culture of strengthening character education, religious moderation and anti-corruption education.

Objectives and Goals