History of Madrasah

The formation of MAN Scholars began with the need for human resources who have high qualifications in science and technology and are in line with faith and piety. Prof. Dr. Eng. B. J. Habibie initiated the BPPT (Badan for the Assessment and Application of Technology) to form STEP (Science and Technology Equity Program). The aim of STEP is to equalize science and technology programs for schools in the Islamic boarding school environment.

In 1996, STEP attached the name SMU Insan Pakar as the name of the educational institution. STEP chose locations in Serpong (Banten) and Gorontalo. The design of the STEP education model takes the magnet school philosophy. This educational institution is able to attract surrounding schools to be inspired by achievements and prepare future leaders of the nation. In 2000, BPPT delegated the management of SMU Insan Scholars to the Indonesian Ministry of Religion. This transfer of governance changed the name of SMU to MAN (Madrasah Aliyah Negeri) Human Scholars. However, the characteristics and character of STEP education remain inherent and unchanged.

To expand the spirit of Insan Cedekia, the government through the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia established six MAN Insan Intellectuals which are replications of the existing MAN Insan Cedekia, namely Serpong, Gorontalo and Jambi.

In 2013, East Aceh was one of the locations built by MAN Insan Scholar with an area of ??10 hectares which was a grant from the East Aceh Regency Government, and is currently in the construction process and has been operational for the 2015/2016 academic year.

This madrasah will be able to boost the quality of education in madrasas and expand access to education with the advantages of a system based on an Islamic education system, within the Ministry of Religion of Aceh Province.

Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Insan Scholar Aceh, in the teaching and learning process will follow the madrasa model that has graduated the best madrasah alumni in Indonesia, such as Madrasah Insan Cendikia in Serpong.


MAN Insan Scholar East Aceh is a model of secondary level education unit that combines Islamic religious education (PAI) with enrichment in the fields of science and technology as its main characteristics.

The advantages of MAN Insan Cedekia compared to other madrasas are:

1. Curriculum and learning development refers to quality standards above national education standards and is based on local excellence.

2. Managed based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with the support of educators and education staff who meet the required qualifications.

3. The available learning facilities meet health, safety, comfort and security requirements.

4. Students are required to live in a dormitory (Insan Scholar Dormitory) which is managed professionally.

5. Require students to communicate daily in the madrasa environment using Indonesian, English and Arabic.

The presence of MAN Insan Cedekia East Aceh is expected to be able to combine science-technology and Islamic religious knowledge (tafaqquh fiddin) which is based on three civilizations (hadlarah), namely the civilization of texts and books (hadlaratun-nash), the civilization of science (hadlaratun-ilmi), and civilization philosophy (hadlaratun-philsafah). With this integration, MAN Insan Scholar is expected to be a pioneer in efforts to eliminate the dichotomy of Islamic science in Indonesia, especially in Aceh. MAN Intellectuals places Islamic ethics based on the universal values ??of Al-Quar'an and Al-Hadith to animate all scientific fields taught. Islam develops knowledge that is universal and does not recognize dichotomies, between qauliyyah sciences (hadratul-nash), namely sciences related to religious texts, such as the Qur'an and Al-hadith, aqidah morals, fiqh) and kauniyah sciences -ijtima`iyah (hadratul-`ilmi), namely empirical-social sciences, such as history, sociology, anthropology, economics and also philosophical sciences (hadratul-philsafah). These three scientific areas are studied in depth and integratedly.

Scientific studies and deepening depart from a humanistic-ethical paradigm with the support of an integrated strategy. The sciences that will be taught at MAN Insan Scholar, if based on the existing scientific nomenclature in the content standards, consist of humanities (language, general history and Islamic culture, democracy), social sciences (sociology, economics, social geography) and natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, physical geography), whose studies are combined with the science of Al-Quar'an and Al-hadith.

The study is carried out creatively and hermeneutically so that it can be interpreted continuously along with developments over time. The universal values ??contained in the Al-Qur'an and Al-Hadith become the basis and view of life that is united in one scientific and religious breath dedicated to the benefit of humanity. This scientific integration will be realized and developed

History of Madrasah