Basic Values

To realize the above ideals, all MAN academics and Scholars must uphold the following core values:

1. Faith and Piety

Educators, education staff, students and other MAN Scholars always uphold the principles of faith and devotion, and make faith and piety the spirit of their lives and struggles. Technical Instructions for Managing the Education of MAN Scholars

2. Role Model

Teachers, education staff, students and MAN Scholars must be able to be role models (uswah hasanah) for others.

3. Care and Respect

Teachers, education staff, students and residents of MAN Intellectuals always have a caring attitude, respect each other, uphold the Islamic teachings of rahmatan lil'alamin, show high solidarity and respect for others.

4. Curiosity

Teachers, education staff, students and residents of MAN Intellectuals always appreciate and always develop students' curiosity about various new knowledge and technologies that are useful for increasing their professional capacity, which is channeled through learning and learning activities.

5. Courage

The MAN Insan Scholar education and learning process is designed to develop courage in students to take initiative, develop self-confidence, make decisions, be able to judge what is right and what is wrong as a basis for taking action.

6. Commitment

The education and learning process of MAN Scholars is designed to foster commitment in developing the characteristics of istiqomah, perseverance, patience, tenacity and perseverance in trying to achieve a goal. Teachers and education staff show a high work ethic, productivity, creativity and initiative in order to realize the educational goals of MAN Scholars, as well as their students also show a tireless spirit in trying to achieve their goals.

7. Independence

The interaction process of all teachers, education staff, students and MAN Scholars in the learning process, communication process and social interaction must foster independence so that students become self-supporting human beings, not dependent on other people or conditions. which limits him from realizing his desires.

8. Simplicity

The entire life of the MAN Scholars campus fosters and appreciates the simple behavior of all its citizens, and cannot tolerate excessive or disproportionate behavior. Simplicity is reflected in the way they dress, the way they eat, their behavior and their speech.

9. Honesty

All teachers, education staff, students and residents of MAN Scholars must always show an attitude of sincerity and honesty in all their actions, upholding the truth both towards themselves and others.

Basic Values