Student Union

The Intra Madrasah Student Organization (OSIM) at MAN Insan Scholar East Aceh is an important forum for students to develop leadership, organizational skills and contribute actively to school life. OSIM is one of the main pillars in creating a dynamic and inspiring learning environment at this madrasa.

OSIM Vision and Mission

The vision of OSIM MAN Insan Intellectuals of East Aceh is to form students who excel in achievement, have independent character, and are based on Islamic values.

OSIM's mission includes several important aspects, including:

1. Increasing Academic and Non-Academic Achievement: Through various programs and activities, OSIM plays an active role in encouraging students to achieve achievements in various fields.

2. Forming Independent Character: OSIM activities are designed to hone students' leadership skills, independence and responsibility.

3. Instilling Islamic Values: All activities organized by OSIM are always based on Islamic teachings, so that students can practice Islamic values ??in their daily lives.

Structure and Management

OSIM MAN Insan Intellectuals of East Aceh has an organizational structure consisting of core management and several divisions. The core management includes the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, who are elected through student elections each year.

Apart from the core management, there are several divisions that handle various areas of activity, such as:

Academic Division: Responsible for organizing activities that support improving student academic achievement.

Sports and Arts Division: Manages extracurricular activities in the fields of sports and arts to develop students' talents and interests.

Religious Division: Coordinates religious activities such as recital, commemoration of Islamic holidays, and other spiritual activities.

Social and Environmental Division: Initiate social and environmental programs to foster a sense of care and social responsibility among students.

Featured Activities and Programs

OSIM MAN Insan Scholar East Aceh has various superior activities and programs aimed at developing student potential. Some of them are:

1. Academic and Non-Academic Competitions: OSIM regularly holds various competitions such as science olympiads, debates, art competitions and sports.

2. Religious Activities: Programs such as express Islamic boarding schools, regular studies, and commemoration of Islamic holidays to deepen students' religious knowledge and spirituality.

3. Social Service: Social activities such as blood donation, assistance to underprivileged communities, and environmental campaigns to foster a sense of social awareness.

4. Leadership Training: Leadership seminars and workshops to develop students' organizational and leadership skills.

Benefits and Positive Impact

The existence of OSIM provides many benefits and positive impacts for MAN Insan Cendikia Aceh Timur. Apart from improving student achievement and skills, OSIM also forms strong, independent and noble characters. Students involved in OSIM also gain valuable experience in organizing and working together in teams, which will be very useful in the future.


OSIM at MAN Insan Scholar East Aceh is a vital component in creating a holistic and meaningful learning environment. With various inspiring programs and activities, OSIM helps students develop their potential to the maximum, both in the academic, personal and spiritual fields. We believe that through OSIM, MAN Insan Scholar East Aceh students will grow into future leaders who are accomplished, independent and have Islamic morals.

Student Union